Are there Hair Clippers with Guards for #16 (2 Inches) or More? Find the Perfect Clippers for Long Hair Lengths!


When it comes to maintaining long hair, finding the right tools is essential. Hair clippers are often associated with shorter haircuts, but can they handle longer lengths as well? In this article, we will explore whether there are hair clippers with guards for #16 (2 inches) or more, and guide you in finding the perfect clippers for long hair lengths. So if you’re wondering how to keep your long locks in shape, keep reading!

Understanding Hair Clipper Guards

Before we dive into the specifics of long hair lengths, let’s take a moment to understand hair clipper guards. These are attachments that fit onto the blades of hair clippers and determine the length of the hair being cut. Each guard is labeled with a number, which corresponds to the length in inches or millimeters.

When it comes to longer hair lengths, you’ll want to look for hair clippers that offer guards with higher numbers. These guards are designed to leave more hair on the scalp, allowing you to maintain longer styles without cutting too much length off. Now, let’s find out if there are hair clippers that can handle #16 (2 inches) or more!


Hair Clippers for Long Hair Lengths

The Quest for Longer Guards

When it comes to hair clippers, finding guards that accommodate longer hair lengths can be a bit challenging. Most standard clipper sets usually include guards ranging from #1 to #8, which are ideal for shorter styles. However, for those with longer locks, these guards may not provide the desired length.

To achieve #16 (2 inches) or more with hair clippers, you’ll need to explore specialized options. One such option is the use of professional-grade hair clippers. Professional clippers often come with a wider range of guards, including those designed for longer lengths. These guards can go up to #12 or even #16, allowing you to maintain your desired long hair length.

Customizing Your Clippers

If you already own a set of clippers but find that the guards don’t go beyond a certain length, don’t despair! You can often purchase additional guards separately to expand the range of lengths you can achieve. Many reputable brands offer guards that go up to #16 (2 inches) or more, which means you can adapt your current clippers to suit your long hair needs.

Before purchasing additional guards, make sure they are compatible with your specific model of clippers. It’s always a good idea to check with the manufacturer or consult their website for information on compatible accessories.


FAQs about Hair Clippers and Long Hair Lengths

1. Can I use regular hair clippers for long hair?

Yes, you can use regular hair clippers for long hair, but you may need to purchase guards specifically designed for longer lengths.

2. What is the longest guard available for hair clippers?

The longest guard available for hair clippers varies depending on the brand and model. However, you can typically find guards that go up to #16 (2 inches) or more for maintaining longer hair lengths.

3. Can I achieve #16 (2 inches) or more with any hair clipper?

Not all hair clippers are designed to achieve #16 (2 inches) or more. It’s important to look for clippers that offer guards suitable for longer lengths or consider purchasing additional guards separately.

4. Are professional-grade clippers necessary for long hair lengths?

While professional-grade clippers often come with a wider range of guards, they are not always necessary. With the right guards, you can achieve long hair lengths using regular clippers as well.

5. How do I maintain long hair with clippers?

To maintain long hair with clippers, select a guard that allows you to achieve your desired length. Take your time and cut the hair evenly, making sure to follow the natural shape of your head.

6. Can I use hair clippers with guards on wet hair?

It is generally recommended to use hair clippers on dry hair. Wet hair can cause the clippers to clog and may result in an uneven cut.

7. Are there any specific techniques for cutting long hair with clippers?

When cutting long hair with clippers, it’s important to comb the hair thoroughly and work in small sections. Start with a longer guard and gradually work your way down to achieve the desired length.

8. Can hair clippers be used for other hair grooming purposes?

Hair clippers can be versatile tools for various hair grooming purposes, including trimming beards, shaping sideburns, and even giving yourself a buzz cut.

9. How often should I clean and maintain my hair clippers?

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for the longevity and performance of your hair clippers. Clean the blades after each use, oil them regularly, and refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific guidelines.

10. Can I use hair clippers on children with long hair?

When using hair clippers on children with long hair, it’s important to exercise caution and work slowly. Use a longer guard to minimize the risk of cutting too much hair off.


Finding hair clippers with guards suitable for #16 (2 inches) or more can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. By exploring professional-grade clippers and purchasing additional guards, you can achieve the desired long hair length while maintaining control over your style. Remember to choose the right tools, take your time, and follow proper techniques to ensure a successful haircut every time. So, embrace your long locks and enjoy the freedom to create stunning hairstyles with the perfect clippers for long hair lengths!


Author Bio: An experienced hair enthusiast, our expert writer has spent years exploring the world of hair care and grooming. With in-depth knowledge of hair clippers, they are dedicated to helping individuals find the perfect tools for their specific needs. From short styles to long hair lengths, they have the expertise to guide you towards achieving your desired look.


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Answer ( 1 )


    The first time I ever got a haircut at a barber shop, I was surprised to learn that there were different sizes of guards on the clippers. In fact, barbers use different-sized blades depending on what kind of cut they want to give their clients. Over time, though, I’ve learned about the advantages and disadvantages of using each one as well as what kinds of cuts most often require each type.

    You can get hair clippers with higher guards, but they’ll be more expensive than the ones that have smaller guards.

    Higher guards are more precise, durable and comfortable to use. They last longer as well!

    If you want a super short cut, you can use a #16 guard and then go over it with a #0 blade to get an even closer cut.

    If you want a super short cut, you can use a #16 guard and then go over it with a #0 blade to get an even closer cut. The #16 guard is very short (only 2 inches), so if you want your hair really short, this might be the way to go!

    If that sounds like too much work for your taste or budget, there’s another option: Get yourself some clippers with different length guards and just change them when needed.

    While one of my favorite hair clippers have a #16 guard, I also have a couple of lower-cost ones that are still quite effective at getting the job done.

    While one of my favorite hair clippers have a #16 guard, I also have a couple of lower-cost ones that are still quite effective at getting the job done.

    The higher the guard number, the shorter the cut. So a #16 guard is really short and you can get one for about $20 online or at your local drugstore or big box store like Wal-Mart or Target. If you don’t have any experience using clippers on your own head (or anyone else’s), then this would be my recommendation for first timers as well as experienced barbers who need something small enough to keep in their bag when traveling or working on location without having access to electricity all day long!

    There are plenty of other options for getting a shorter cut if you want to keep it simple.

    You can use a #0 blade and get the shortest possible cut, which will leave your hair looking like stubble. A #2 guard, on the other hand, will give you just over an inch off your length. That’s shorter than what a #1 guard would give but still not quite as short as using no guard at all (which would leave your hair at half an inch).

    If these options seem too extreme or time-consuming for your liking, there are still many other guards available that provide shorter cuts without completely shaving off all of your locks:

    If you want the most precise haircut, you can try using the smallest guard available to make sure your barber is cutting as close to skin level as possible.

    If you want a very close shave, it’s best to use a #16 guard or smaller. You’ll be able to get an even closer trim by using a #0 blade on top of that, but this will limit the amount of length that can be removed at once–and if all your hair is already very short, there’s no point in going through all that trouble!

    If we’re talking about getting rid of stubble or peach fuzz (which isn’t technically hair), then any kind of clipper will work just fine because these types of hairs are so small in diameter that they don’t require any special tools before being shaved off with ease.

    Now that you know about the different guards, you can decide which one is best for your needs. If you’re looking for an affordable solution that still offers precision and sharpness, then I recommend going with a clipper with a #4 or #5 guard. However, if you want something more high-end that will give your barber more control over how short they cut each hair (which means less chance of mistakes), then consider getting one with a smaller number like #16 or even lower!

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