ACCIDENTALLY GOT HAND SANITIZER ON MY HAIR: What will happen if I accidentally apply sanitizer on hair?


I was at the doctor’s office today, and I accidentally applied hand sanitizer to my hair. I had just come from a meeting at work and was feeling a little nervous about my health. The nurse told me it would be OK, but now I’m worried that this won’t end well. Will applying hand sanitizer to my hair kill lice?

What is hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer is a liquid that kills germs on your hands. It comes in many different forms, including gels and foams. Hand sanitizer is an alternative to hand washing with soap and water when you don’t have access to running water or soap. The alcohol contained in most hand sanitizers can dry out skin if it gets on your skin for too long–which is why it should not be used as an astringent or toner on the face!

Hand sanitizers work by using ethyl alcohol (ethanol) as their active antimicrobial ingredient; they also contain other ingredients such as glycerin (which helps keep the solution from evaporating quickly) and fragrance to give them their distinctive scents – but these additional chemicals do not increase its effectiveness against germs at all!

Does hand sanitizer kill lice?

If you’ve ever heard of hand sanitizer killing lice, let me assure you: it doesn’t. Hand sanitizer is not a good treatment for lice. Hand sanitizers are designed to kill bacteria and germs on your hands–not bugs in your hair. If the thought of applying hand sanitizer on your head sounds scary enough, just wait until we talk about how ineffective this method is at treating head lice!

Will hand sanitizer kill lice on hair?

Hand sanitizer is not recommended for use on hair. It is not a treatment for lice or other pests, including head lice and nits. If you accidentally apply hand sanitizer to your hair, it will not kill any living parasites on the strands. Hand sanitizers are designed to wipe away germs from skin surfaces, so they don’t penetrate into deeper layers like those found inside human scalps (or animal pelts).

Do not apply hand sanitizer to your hair.

  • If you accidentally apply hand sanitizer to your hair, do not panic.
  • Use a lice comb instead of applying hand sanitizer on your head. A lice comb can be purchased at any drugstore or pharmacy and will remove any unwanted lice or nits from the strands of your hair. The best part about using a lice comb is that it doesn’t require any chemicals or products, and will leave behind no residue if done correctly!
  • If you don’t want to spend money on an over-the-counter product like this one, there are other options available as well: some parents swear by homemade remedies like mayonnaise mixtures while others prefer vinegar rinses (which should also be avoided because they’re acidic). Some people even go so far as applying petroleum jelly directly onto their scalps before bedtime — but again: we wouldn’t recommend these methods since they could lead toward more serious problems down the line such as infections caused by bacteria buildups inside the ear canal area where these substances tend gather when applied regularly over time.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article as much as we did writing it. We would like to conclude by saying that, although hand sanitizer is a great product for killing bacteria on your hands, its use on hair should be avoided at all costs. If you accidentally apply hand sanitizer to your hair, there are some things you can do to get rid of it without damaging your locks or scalp too much

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