Animal Crossing Character Hairstyles: A Comprehensive ACNL Hair Guide


Welcome to the ultimate guide for Animal Crossing character hairstyles in Animal Crossing: New Leaf (ACNL)! Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, this comprehensive guide will help you explore and choose the perfect hairstyle for your beloved character. With an array of options available, we’ll delve into the world of hairstyles and provide you with tips, tricks, and inspiration to make your character stand out on your virtual island.


Why Are Hairstyles Important in Animal Crossing?

In Animal Crossing, hairstyles play a crucial role in personalizing your character’s appearance. They allow you to express your unique style and create a character that truly represents you. From short and sleek to long and flowing, the hairstyle you choose can shape your character’s personality and make them feel like an extension of yourself in the game.

Exploring the Hairstyle Options

1. Initial Hairstyles

When you start your Animal Crossing journey, you’ll have a selection of initial hairstyles to choose from. These serve as the foundation for your character’s look, and you can change them later on using certain in-game items and mechanics. Let’s take a closer look at these initial options:

Hairstyle Description
Short and Sporty A low-maintenance, cropped style for the active
Neat and Tidy A classic, well-groomed look for the sophisticated
Casual and Wavy Relaxed, carefree waves for the laid-back
Bedhead The “I just rolled out of bed” messy style

2. Unlocking Additional Hairstyles

As you progress in the game, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock new hairstyles through various methods. One way is by visiting the Shampoodle salon, where Harriet the poodle will work her magic on your character’s hair. Another method involves obtaining rare items like wigs and headgear, which grant access to unique hairstyles. Keep an eye out for special events and interact with your animal villagers to discover these hidden style secrets.

3. Customizing Your Hair Color

Hair color is an essential aspect of your character’s hairstyle. In ACNL, you can choose from a range of natural and vibrant hair colors to enhance your overall look. By visiting Shampoodle, you can change your character’s hair color at any time, allowing for endless possibilities to experiment with different shades and find the perfect match for your style.


Looking for the Perfect Animal Crossing Character Hairstyles? Check Out Our Comprehensive ACNL Hair Guide! – FAQs

1. Can I change my character’s hairstyle after initially selecting it?

Yes, you can change your character’s hairstyle after starting the game. Visit Harriet at Shampoodle to unlock new hairstyles and change your current one. It’s a great way to refresh your character’s look and try something different.

2. Are there any limitations to changing hairstyles?

While you have the freedom to change your character’s hairstyle, keep in mind that some hairstyles require specific conditions to unlock. These conditions could involve completing certain tasks, acquiring rare items, or reaching a particular game milestone.

3. Can I customize the hair color of my character’s hairstyle?

Absolutely! Head over to Shampoodle, and Harriet will be more than happy to change your character’s hair color. Experiment with different shades to find the perfect combination that complements your character’s features and overall style.

4. Are there any gender-specific hairstyles in ACNL?

Animal Crossing: New Leaf doesn’t restrict hairstyles based on gender. All hairstyles are available to both male and female characters, allowing players to fully express themselves without limitations.

5. Can I change my character’s hairstyle as many times as I want?

Yes, you can change your character’s hairstyle as often as you like. Feel free to switch it up and explore different styles to match your mood or outfit of the day.

6. Are there any rare or special hairstyles in ACNL?

Yes, there are several rare and special hairstyles in ACNL that you can unlock through specific events or by obtaining rare items. Keep an eye out for these opportunities to add a unique touch to your character’s appearance.

7. Can I have multiple characters with different hairstyles in the game?

Absolutely! If you have multiple characters on your island, each one can have a unique hairstyle. This allows you to experiment and create diverse looks for each character, adding depth and personality to your island’s inhabitants.

8. What are some popular hairstyles among Animal Crossing players?

The popularity of hairstyles in Animal Crossing varies among players, as each person has their own unique preferences. However, some frequently chosen styles include long and wavy, elegant updos, and stylish braids.

9. How can I match my character’s hairstyle with their personality?

When choosing a hairstyle, consider your character’s personality traits. If they’re sporty and active, a short and sporty hairstyle might be a good fit. For a more sophisticated character, a neat and tidy look could be ideal. Let your character’s personality shine through their hairstyle choice.

10. Can I use hairstyles as a way to differentiate my character from others in multiplayer?

Yes, hairstyles can be an excellent way to distinguish your character from others when playing multiplayer. With a unique hairstyle, your character will stand out and be easily recognizable among a crowd of players.

11. How can I find inspiration for new hairstyles in ACNL?

Finding inspiration for new hairstyles can be as simple as observing your favorite animal villagers, browsing online forums and social media groups, or even looking up real-world hairstyles for inspiration. Let your creativity flow and create a one-of-a-kind style for your character.


With the comprehensive ACNL hair guide, you’re now equipped with the knowledge and inspiration to create the perfect hairstyle for your Animal Crossing character. Whether you prefer a classic look or want to experiment with more unconventional styles, the options are limitless. Embrace your creativity, have fun, and let your character’s hair be a true reflection of your style in the charming world of Animal Crossing.


Author Bio: As an avid Animal Crossing enthusiast, our author has spent countless hours exploring the virtual world of ACNL. They have an in-depth understanding of the game mechanics, including character customization and hairstyles. With their knowledge and passion, they are here to guide you through the exciting world of Animal Crossing character hairstyles.


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Answer ( 1 )


    Animal Crossing is a game about making friends, exploring your town and collecting things. It’s also the perfect place to add some flair to your character’s hairstyle. The only problem is that the game doesn’t give you too many options—I mean, it’s a Nintendo game, after all. Luckily for us, there are other ways of getting hairstyles besides just waiting around at the barber’s shop or salon (which can take hours). Here are some tips on how to do each character’s hair in ACNL:

    1. Customize your hairstyle at the salon.

    2. Visit a friend’s town and have them customize your hair for you.

    3. Buy items from Able Sisters’ shop to give yourself new hairstyles (like this hat).

    4. Use some of the customization options available in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on mobile devices (this is a great way to get some inspiration).


    Isabelle has a ponytail, which means that she wears her hair in a bun at the top of her head. Her hair is brown, and her hair clip is a bow. It’s on the left side of her head, so if you’re looking at Isabelle from behind (so that you can see all three sides), it will be on your right as well.

    If we could see her face-on, it would look like this: This is a great hairstyle for people who want to wear their hair down but still want it to be tied back in some way. You can also wear this hairstyle with a bandana or headband if you want something more casual.

    Tom Nook

    Tom Nook’s hairstyle is one of the most popular, and it’s easy to do. All you need is a short haircut or facial hair, then use the hair clip to pull back your character’s hair into a ponytail. You can also put in some twists at the end for extra flair!

    • To get Tom Nook’s hair clip, go see him at Nookington’s (his store) and buy it for 898 Bells (or 1 Leaf Ticket). You’ll find his shop on Main Street if you’re playing Village Life; otherwise, he’ll be at Re-Tail in New Leaf.
    • Move your character so that they face away from you while wearing their new outfit–this will make it easier to see what needs clipping later on because there won’t be any shadows covering anything up when we start working with this particular accessory item later down below within this guide section!

    Lyle (the player’s uncle)

    Lyle is the player’s uncle and runs Nookling Junction. He has a moustache and wears a yellow shirt, green pants, and brown shoes. His hair is short but messy on the sides.

    Kapp’n and Leila


    Leila’s hair is a ponytail, but she has her bangs pulled back. She wears a yellow visor and sunglasses to protect herself from the sun and sand.


    Kapp’n’s hair is styled as a mullet, which means his hair is long on top but short in back. He also has sideburns that extend down past his ears.

    Reese and Cyrus

    The hair clip is a simple accessory that can be added to your character’s hair. It can be placed in several different ways, depending on where you want it to go.

    The first way is by putting it in the middle of your character’s head. To do this, simply click on one of your characters’ heads and then click “accessory” (you may have to scroll down). From there, select “hair clip”. You’ll then see four options: left side, right side, back and top/center. Select whichever one you want!

    Katrina and Copper (Nook’s Cranny employees)

    Katrina and Copper have the same hairstyle, which is short and red. Their hair is parted in the middle, making it easy to tell them apart!

    Katrina’s hair curls at her forehead while Copper’s flips out toward his temples.

    Both employees of Nook’s Cranny have their part on one side or another, but Katrina’s is farther away from her face than Copper’s.

    You can get a lot of different hairstyles by moving the hair clip in various patterns.

    If you’re just starting out, it’s best to stick with the same style for all your villagers until you have enough money to buy more hair clips. You can unlock new styles by playing games at Nook’s Homes and at Able Sisters.

    I hope this guide has been helpful to you in your quest to find the perfect hairstyle. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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