ANDRE AGASSI HAIR PIECE: How long did Andre Agassi wear a wig for?


If you’re a tennis fan, there’s no doubt that you know who Andre Agassi is. Despite being retired from the sport for over a decade now, he still remains one of the most popular athletes in the world. However, when people are reminded of Andre Agassi, they think about his iconic hairstyle and his stringy hair which made him look like he was always sweating. But what many don’t realize is that this wasn’t always the case! In fact, during Andre’s early years as a professional tennis player he wore a wig to cover up his thinning hairline!

How long did Andre Agassi wear a hair piece?

Andre Agassi wore a hair piece for over 10 years. He was one of the first tennis players to wear a wig on the court, but he didn’t just wear it for show–the wig actually helped him win matches!

Andre Agassi’s toupee was made of real human hair, which is the most common material used in wigs. It wasn’t just any kind of human hair though; it was specifically Indian and Chinese (Asian) hair that was donated by people who wanted their locks removed from their heads and given to someone else who needed them more than they did!

When did Andre Agassi start wearing a hair piece?

Andre Agassi was only 17 when he first began to wear his wig. And he continued to do so for over 20 years!

Why was Andre Agassi not able to grow his hair long enough?

If you’re curious about why Andre Agassi wore a hairpiece, it’s probably because he had a hair transplant. A hair transplant is a procedure that moves hair from the back of your head to the front. This allows for longer locks, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Some people have more success than others when it comes to growing out their transplanted hair–but if they don’t, they may need another type of help: extensions!

For example, tennis legend Andre Agassi was known for his long blonde locks during his career on tour; however he couldn’t grow them naturally so he had them braided into cornrows and then sewn into place with synthetic thread in order to keep them looking fresh throughout tournaments (and yes–this means he did wear wigs!).


Andre Agassi wore a hair piece to cover up his baldness. He was able to grow his hair long enough that it covered the top of his head, but not all the way around. So he had a wig made for him that he wore from 1994-2006 when he retired from tennis.

Andre Agassi was a great tennis player, but his hair was not always so great. Andre started wearing a wig in 1992 and continued to do so until 1999 when he retired from professional tennis. He wore this wig because he had trouble growing his hair long enough due to his African American ancestry which made him susceptible to male pattern baldness at an early age.

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