ANIME HAIR COLORS: What is the meaning of the color of hair for anime?


The hair color of an anime character is an important part of his or her personality. The color can be used to indicate their relationship with other characters, their personality traits and even their powers. You might want to read this article if you’re planning on drawing a new character or creating one from scratch!


Blue hair is a cool color, and it symbolizes loyalty. Blue hair is also a symbol of courage and strength, as well as intelligence. In anime, you can see many characters with this color of hair (mostly girls).

Blue is one of the most popular colors in Japan because it’s similar to black but has less depth–it’s brighter, more vibrant and energetic than black hair colors tend to be.


Green is the color of nature, of the heart and soul. It’s also the color of spring, life and rebirth. Green shows youthfulness and youthfulness shows innocence–so it’s no wonder that green hair is often associated with young characters!

Green has been used in anime since at least as early as 1989 when Sailor Moon hit our screens with her long green pigtails (and later on, blonde ones). Since then there have been many other examples: see Kaede Takagaki from Shirobako or Chizuru Yukimura from Ah My Goddess! for two more recent examples.


Pink hair is a symbol of youth and innocence. It’s associated with femininity, but not in an overt way–it can be worn by male or female characters alike.

It’s also associated with rebellion against society, which makes sense when you consider how many anime characters wear it while following their own path regardless of what others think or say about them (think Haruhi Suzumiya or Ryuko Matoi).


Purple is a mixture of red and blue. Purple is associated with royalty and spirituality, as well as wisdom, which makes it a perfect color for an anime character who wants to stand out from the crowd. A purple-haired girl or boy will be noticed by everyone because they look so unique!


  • If a character has blue hair, it’s usually associated with the sea, or calmness and relaxation.
  • Green hair is associated with nature and the earth.
  • Pink hair can mean love and romance, or just be an aesthetic choice for your anime character!
  • Purple is often associated with royalty because purple dyes were once rare in Japan; if you want your character to seem like they are from an upper-class background, give them some purple locks!

This is the end of our article on anime hair colors. We hope that you have enjoyed reading it and learned something new about these popular characters.

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