ANIME HAIR: Why don’t people in real life ever use anime like hairstyles?


When I was a kid, I used to spend hours watching anime shows, and I always loved the hair. Anime characters had awesome haircuts that were different from anything else on television and in real life. They wore their hair in buns, pigtails, ponytails, pigtails with braids down the side…all kinds of styles that made them look unique and cool. But then something happened: as I got older, I realized that all these anime hairstyles would make me look like an idiot if I tried them myself.

Anime hair is not real.

You might wonder why anime hair isn’t a thing in real life. Well, it’s because anime hair is not real.

In real life, people have hair that looks like this:

And they don’t have any purple highlights or red streaks in their bangs. They don’t dye their whole head pink either; they just dye one lock of hair and leave the rest natural! If you want to try out some new colors on your own locks, why not try blue or green instead? You can even find temporary dyes that wash out after a few washes–this way if you don’t like them anymore (or if someone tells you they look stupid), then no harm done!

Anime hair would make you look like a weirdo.

But, even if you could get away with it, what would the consequences be? Would you still be able to get a job or go to school? No. You would not.

If you were seen in public with anime hair and wearing an anime outfit, people would laugh at you, make fun of your appearance and ostracize you from society. They might even think that you’re crazy and call the police on your ass!

Anime hair can look pretty, but it isn’t realistic.

Anime hair is pretty and all, but it’s not realistic. It’s impractical, too–you’d never see someone in real life with anime-like hair. They’re cute, but they’re not at all practical for everyday life or even just regular activities like sleeping on your side and rolling over in bed at night. And then there’s the fact that most anime characters have ridiculously long bangs covering one eye; this would create a lot of problems when trying to see what’s going on around you!

It really comes down to personal preference: if you like how something looks in an anime picture or video game cutscene, then go ahead and try it out yourself! But don’t expect everyone else around you (especially those who aren’t familiar with Japanese culture) will react favorably if they see someone wearing an outlandish hairstyle like this one…

Real life hairstyles are better than anime ones.

Real life hairstyles are better than anime ones. Anime hair is unrealistic and not practical. Anime hair can be pretty, but it isn’t realistic. Real life hairstyles are better than anime ones because they’re more natural looking, less time consuming to maintain, and don’t require any special tools or products (unless your real life hairstyle requires those things).

There are a lot of anime hairstyles out there that look really cool, but they aren’t realistic. If you want to have anime hair in real life then I suggest looking at some pictures and trying them out! You can always dye your hair with temporary color if you don’t want permanent damage done by chemicals or irons.

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