ARE BLOWOUTS BAD FOR YOUR HAIR: Is getting a blowout bad for your naturally curly hair?


We love a good blowout. (Seriously, don’t even get us started on the wonders of a good blowout.) The problem is that many people think that blowouts are an easy or foolproof way to tame their hair. The truth is that if you’re used to wearing your hair wavy or curly and suddenly switch to straightening it every day, getting blowouts may not be the best idea for your strands. Here’s why:

Blowouts can damage your hair.

Blowouts are not good for your hair. They can damage it, make it dry and frizzy, and cause split ends. Blowouts also lead to tangling as the curls are forced into a straight shape that they aren’t used to being in.

The heat from the blowdryer will also cause damage over time by breaking down the cuticle (outer layer) of your strands so that they become brittle and break off when brushed or combed through.

Blowouts can dry out your hair.

Blowouts can dry out your hair. The heat from blow drying, even on the lowest setting, can be damaging to your locks. The constant use of hot tools on curly hair can also make it frizzy and brittle over time, as well as cause dullness in color.

You might have to cut your hair shorter.

When you get a blowout, your stylist will use a lot of heat and chemicals to straighten out your hair. While this can make your hair look healthier and shinier, it doesn’t actually improve the condition of your locks at all. If you have curly or wavy hair, there’s no reason to cut off those curls–they help to keep moisture in the strands and protect them from damage caused by styling products like hairspray. If you have straight hair, however – which does not benefit from being blown out – then getting a blowout is fine because it won’t do any harm (in fact, it might even help).

Blowouts are a styling tool, not a cure-all for damaged or unruly hair.

Blowouts are a styling tool, not a cure-all for damaged or unruly hair. If you’re wondering whether your natural curls can withstand the weekly attention of a blowdryer, the answer is no. Blowouts are great if they’re done right: they’ll give your hair some volume and bounce while keeping it from frizzing out in humid weather–but too much heat can damage the cuticle (the outer layer) of your strands over time. Not only does this mean that your tresses won’t be as shiny as they once were, but also that they’ll be more prone to breakage and split ends since their inner structure has been compromised by excessive heat exposure.

If you want to get a blowout once in awhile without worrying about damaging your curls too much (or at all), opt for monthly treatments instead–they’ll help keep them healthy while providing some extra sleekness–and don’t forget about conditioner!

So, should you get a blowout? It depends on your hair type and how much damage has been done to it. If your locks are naturally curly or wavy, then getting a blowout may be an easy way to tame them into submission without damaging their health any further. However, if you have straight or thick hair that could use some love from professional stylists then maybe consider another option like getting extensions or even just getting regular haircuts instead of spending all day at the salon!

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