ASH TONER FOR ORANGE HAIR: Will a toner get rid of orange hair after bleaching?


I love my hair! I recently had my hair dyed in a salon and I’m really happy with the results. But there is one thing that’s bothering me: it’s too bright! I’m not going to lie, when I first saw it at home, I felt like “oh nooo” but then again you know what they say: You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression… or something like that 🙂 Anyway, now that it’s been almost two weeks since the coloring session (and after using some toner), can you guys tell me if it looks good as is or if there’s still something wrong with this picture?

so i recently bleached my hair and i’m really happy with the results, but i feel like its a bit too bright…

So, you’ve bleached your hair and are happy with the results. But there’s something about it–it’s too bright! It might be that you’re looking for a more subtle color and want to get rid of any brassy tones in your hair. You can use a toner to achieve this effect (and it doesn’t have to be orange).

Toning is basically adding more pigment to an existing color so as not to change anything about its hue but simply make it darker or lighter by using different shades of dye. By using different colors in conjunction with one another, we can create lots of different effects on our locks–for example: green tones will give off an appearance similar to having been swimming in the ocean; red tones will lend themselves well toward creating highlights where there were none before; purple hues will provide deep shadows within blonde strands; etcetera etcetera ad infinitum ad nauseam…

So I decided to use a toner (shoutout to my hair stylist!!!)…

So, I decided to use a toner (shoutout to my hair stylist!!). A toner is a product that you apply to your hair after bleaching it. It changes the color of your hair and makes it lighter or darker. It comes in different shades, from blonde to brown depending on what shade of orange you want your hair to be. The color of your natural hair determines which shade will work best for you–if you have dark brown or black hair, then an ash blond would probably look great on top; however if you’re a redhead with red highlights already covering most of the strands then an ash brown would suit better because there are fewer pigments present already so this way there won’t be any extra color added onto them from overloading them with pigment by using too much product!

After using it, it got rid of most of the yellow and now it’s just a tad bit orangy, would you guys recommend using one more time or is this pretty much the color i’m going for?

No! You don’t want to use another toner. The first step was to get rid of any unwanted color in your hair, but if you keep applying this type of product over and over again, even though it may look like it’s working initially because some yellow is removed each time, eventually your hair will become very damaged due to excessive use. The only way for you to achieve healthy looking orange-red locks is by getting regular trims (about every 4 months) and keeping up with weekly deep conditioning treatments at home so that each time you go back into the salon they can easily blend out any stray strands into their natural color range without having any trouble blending them into yours too quickly because there won’t be much left under there besides roots anyway!

Thank you so much for the help! I’m really happy with the results. The only thing is that I feel like it’s a bit too bright and I want to go back to my natural color. I decided to use a toner because it got rid of most of the yellow, but now my hair has some red/purple tones in it which are pretty cool looking but not exactly right for me either lol…

I guess what I’m trying to say is: should I keep bleaching until all that orange is gone? Or should I just stop here? And if so, do you have any recommendations on what kind of toners would be best suited for orange hair?

My hair is this pinkish orange color.

A toner is a product that can be used to neutralize the color of your hair. This can be helpful if you’ve dyed your hair with an unnatural shade and want to return it to its natural color, or if you have bleached blonde hair and would like to tone down the brightness of the yellow hues in your locks.

Before using any kind of toner (including purple shampoo), make sure that you’re not allergic or sensitive to any ingredients by testing out a small amount on a patch of skin behind your ear first!

Toning down orange tones in bleached hair can be achieved by using purple shampoos such as Lush’s Bluebird or Fudge Urban Detox Shampoo ($18).

I hope this helps! As long as you’re happy with your hair color and feel confident in it, then that’s all that matters. If you want to try toning again just make sure to use a color-safe bleach or lightener first so that it doesn’t damage your hair too much (which will cause more orange tones).

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