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    Male Servant Of The Prince In The Pantomime Cinderella


    The male servant in the pantomime Cinderella is a pivotal character. He is the one who helps the prince get dressed for the ball and he is also responsible for getting Cinderella to her midnight walk. In this blog post, we will explore the character of the male servant and what makes him so important in the story. Additionally, we will look at some of the key scenes from the pantomime and discuss why they are so memorable.

    The Scene In The Ballroom

    A prince is waiting for his beautiful ballerina wife to enter the ballroom. As she enters, he greets her and then leads her to their seats. He announces that the first dance will be a waltz. As they take to the floor, he asks her how she’s enjoying the evening. She tells him that she’s having a wonderful time and loves everything about it. They begin to dance but soon find themselves lost in each other’s eyes. Suddenly, one of the courtiers interrupts them, announcing that it is time for the second dance. The prince wants to stay with his wife but she tells him that she needs to go back to work next week and dances away without him.

    The Prince Visits Cinderella’s Room

    The Prince visits Cinderella’s room in the Pantomime Cinderella. The Prince is disguised as a beggar, and he asks for a glass of water. When Cinderella offers him a drink, he thanks her and then asks for help getting out of his disguise. She helps him get rid of his beggar clothes, and then he tells her that he is really the prince. She is surprised, but she still accepts him as her prince. He asks her to be his princess, and she says yes. He takes her hand and they dance together in the ballroom.

    Cinderella Visits The Prince At The Ball

    Cinderella attends the ball with her stepsisters. While they are busy looking beautiful, Cinderella is left to do all of the work. The prince sees her and falls in love with her. When it is time for the dance, he asks her to be his partner. She agrees, but has no idea how to dance. The prince helps her learn and they have a great time dancing together.


    Cinderella’s prince is finally coming to the Pantomime! For years, she has waited for her chance to be with him on stage – and now she is determined not to let him down. To make sure that everything goes according to plan, Cinderella turns to the male servant of the prince in her court. By following his advice, she can achieve success in love and find happiness in life.


    👑 Once upon a time, there was a prince who had a male servant. This servant was a crucial part of the prince’s life and he was always there to aid the prince in whatever way he could. He was a loyal and faithful servant and was devoted to the prince’s every wish.

    The prince was in need of a companion and so he decided to look for someone who could be his equal. He looked around and eventually settled on Cinderella. She was the perfect match for him and he asked her to be his companion.

    But the prince also had a servant who was devoted to him and had been there for him since he was a young boy. He was a vital part of the prince’s life and was a trusted companion. The prince decided that he could not leave his loyal servant behind, so he asked him to come and accompany them to the ball.

    The male servant was chosen to accompany the prince and Cinderella to the ball. He was dressed in a fine suit and was a sight to behold. He played his part well and was soon a part of the prince’s entourage.

    At the ball, the male servant was in charge of making sure everything went according to plan. He took care of the guests, made sure the prince and Cinderella had everything they needed and he even helped them in dancing.

    At the end of the night, the prince and Cinderella were married and the male servant was there to witness it all. He was the one who made sure that the prince and Cinderella had everything they needed and that their day was perfect.

    The male servant of the prince will always be remembered in the pantomime Cinderella for his faithful service and loyalty to the prince. He was the one who made sure that the prince and Cinderella had a happy ending and will be remembered for years to come. 💍

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