What Is Martin Luther King Jr Favorite Color


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    What Is Martin Luther King Jr Favorite Color

    Martin Luther King Jr. was a leader in the Civil Rights Movement and an advocate for racial equality. He devoted his life to fighting against violence, injustice, and racism. As such, his legacy has become a symbol of hope and freedom across the world. But what is one thing that many people don’t know about him? What was Martin Luther King Jr’s favorite color? In this article, we’ll explore this question in depth, looking at the history behind it and what it could mean for us today. So if you’ve ever wondered what MLK’s favorite color was, read on for more!

    Martin Luther King Jr’s Favorite Color

    Martin Luther King Jr’s favorite color was blue. He loved the color because it represented peace and calm. He often wore blue suits and shirts, and he would decorate his office with blue curtains.

    Why Is It His Favorite Color?

    Some people might think that Martin Luther King Jr.’s favorite color is black because he fought for the rights of African Americans. However, his favorite color was actually blue. He once said, “My favorite color is blue. Blue seems to be full of hope. It is the color of the sky. The early Christians used it as the symbol of heaven and it has always been associated with constancy and faithfulness.”

    What Does the Color Mean to Him?

    Martin Luther King Jr’s favorite color was black. To him, the color black represented strength, power, and determination. It was a color that could not be ignored or overlooked. Black was a color that demanded attention and respect. When Martin Luther King Jr saw someone wearing black, he knew they were serious about what they were doing. They were not to be messed with.

    How Did He Choose His Favorite Color?

    Martin Luther King Jr’s favorite color was blue. He chose it because it was the color of the sky and he felt it represented hope.

    What Other Colors Does He Like?

    Other colors that Martin Luther King Jr. is known to have liked are green, purple, and yellow. While his favorite color is blue, he also was drawn to these other colors for their symbolic meanings. Green represented hope and growth, while purple represented royalty and dignity. Yellow was a color of happiness and sunshine. All of these colors were important to Martin Luther King Jr. as he fought for equality and justice for all people.


    While it is unclear what Martin Luther King Jr’s favorite color was, there are many interpretations and stories that offer insight into his views on the matter. From the symbolic meanings of specific colors to direct quotes from speeches he gave, we can learn a lot about how Dr. King felt about different hues. As he once said in one of his famous sermons, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.” Perhaps this quote gives us some clues as to what MLK’s favorite color might have been: something bright and full of life!

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