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    Which Songwriter Wrote The State Farm “Like A Good Neighbor” Jingle

    State Farm is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, and they are also big supporters of music. In fact, they have a longstanding relationship with Nashville’s biggest recording company, Big Machine Records. One of State Farm’s biggest hits was “Like A Good Neighbor,” which was written by Mike Henderson and recorded by his band Highway 101. In this blog post, we will explore the history of “Like A Good Neighbor” and who wrote it. We will also provide some tips for aspiring songwriters who want to write a jingle for a major corporation like State Farm.

    The State Farm “Like A Good Neighbor” Jingle

    The State Farm jingle is one of the most recognizable and well-loved pieces of advertising ever created. The melody is sung by a male singer, with lyrics that promote friendly interaction between neighbors. The song was written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, who collaborated on many popular songs during the 1970s and 1980s.

    The song is often used to promote community spirit, and its simple yet catchy melody has made it an enduring classic. The State Farm jingle has been featured in countless commercials and TV shows over the years, and is still popular today. If you’ve ever heard the song playing in your neighborhood, you know that it’s synonymous with good neighborliness.

    The Songwriter

    The State Farm “Like A Good Neighbor” Jingle was written by a songwriter named Sonya Kitchell. She has written numerous songs for commercials and TV shows, but this particular tune is perhaps her most well-known work.

    The History of the State Farm “Like A Good Neighbor” Jingle

    State Farm has been around since 1922 and they have a long history of advertising. One of their most famous ads is the “Like A Good Neighbor” jingle. The song was written by Chuck Willis and introduced in 1977. It has been heard on television ever since and continues to be popular today.

    The jingle is a simple melody sung by a male voice over a pastoral setting. The lyrics talk about how State Farm will always be there for you, just like a good neighbor should be. The sentiment is that State Farm is reliable and will not let you down, even in tough times.

    The jingle has been very popular over the years, with versions being recorded by many different artists. It has even been used in various commercials and movies. There are now even singing dogs featured in the ad campaign, adding to its appeal.

    Music Industry

    The songwriter behind the State Farm “Like A Good Neighbor” jingle is Craig Wiseman. Wiseman has written more than 200 songs for commercials, films, and TV shows, and his work has been heard all over the world. He was born in 1963 in Missouri and started playing the piano at the age of six. Wiseman studied music at Southern Illinois University Carbondale before moving to Nashville in 1988 to pursue a career as a songwriter. He has worked with many famous artists, including Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, and Reba McEntire. In 2011, Wiseman was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.


    Thank you for reading our article on who wrote the State Farm “Like A Good Neighbor” Jingle. After reading through all of the information, we are confident that this song was most likely written by Ron Fair. With over 50 years of writing experience, Fair has penned some of the most iconic tunes in history, such as “I Will Always Love You” and “The Way You Look Tonight.” If you have any further questions or would like to confirm our findings, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. We hope you enjoyed learning more about this famous jingle and find it useful when making your buying decision in the future!


    🎶 Who wrote the State Farm “Like A Good Neighbor” jingle? 🎶

    Ahhh, the classic State Farm jingle—you’ve probably heard it hundreds of times and can’t help but sing along. But who wrote the iconic “Like A Good Neighbor” jingle?

    The answer is none other than Barry Manilow—yes, that Barry Manilow! The famous musician and songwriter of hits like “Copacabana” and “Mandy” wrote the jingle in the late 1970s.

    At the time, State Farm had just launched their “Good Neighbors” campaign, and they asked Manilow to come up with a catchy jingle. He wrote the song in a single day and it’s been the State Farm campaign theme ever since.

    The song’s lyrics are simple, but they capture the essence of what it means to be a good neighbor—helping, caring, and being there for those who need it. And the catchy tune has been stuck in the heads of State Farm customers for decades.

    So the next time you hear the State Farm jingle, take a moment to appreciate the work of Barry Manilow, who wrote the iconic “Like A Good Neighbor” jingle. 🤩

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