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    🐶 Woof woof! Did you know that during World War I, a brave little Yorkshire Terrier served as a War Dog?

    The Yorkshire Terrier was a loyal and brave companion to its handler during the war and even managed to find its way into the trenches. The little Yorkshire Terrier was brave enough to accompany its handler and even managed to help find some of the injured soldiers.

    This brave pup has become an iconic symbol of courage and loyalty, which is why it’s no surprise that it’s now featured in a crossword clue.

    The clue, which can be found in the Sunday Times crossword, reads ‘Yorkshire Terrier who served as a War Dog’.

    If you’re a fan of crosswords, you may have already solved this clue. However, if you’re still stumped on this one, here’s a hint: the answer is ‘Soldier’.

    So if you’re ever stuck on a crossword clue that asks about a Yorkshire Terrier who served as a War Dog, you now know the answer.

    This brave pup will always be remembered for its courage and loyalty and we hope it will continue to be featured in crossword clues for years to come. 🐕

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