ANIME CURLY HAIR: Why don’t anime characters have curly hair?


I’ve always been envious of anime characters. They have pale skin, large eyes, and silky straight hair that’s always perfectly styled. But what I’m most envious of is their lack of curls. At first glance, you might think that anime characters don’t have any hair at all; but they do—it’s just not curly!

Anime characters’ hair is always so straight and silky

It’s a stylistic choice.

Anime characters’ hair is always so straight and silky, but it’s not because the animators are lazy. In fact, there are some good reasons for this style that go beyond simple aesthetics:

  • Easier to draw/animate: Curly hair can be difficult to animate because of its unpredictable nature–it’s hard to tell if the curl will bounce up or down when it bounces at all! This makes drawing curly-haired characters more work for the animator than their straight-haired counterparts. Also, curly hair tends not to fit into 3D models very well either (unless you’re going for an anime look). So even if you could draw a character with curly hair perfectly from every angle imaginable, most likely nobody would bother trying because they’d need an army of artists dedicated solely towards drawing such things anyway just in order get anything done at all.

Anime characters are pale and have large eyes

The second reason is that anime characters are pale and have large eyes. This is because of Japanese aesthetic, where pale skin is considered beautiful. It’s also part of the reason why many Japanese people use sunscreen every day and wear hats when it’s sunny.

In addition to this, anime characters are drawn with big eyes because they’re supposed to be cute! And if you think about it, most animals have large eyes compared to our own–so maybe we should all start wearing contacts?

Finally (and perhaps most importantly), many anime characters have small noses and mouths as well as more rounded faces than their Western counterparts (who tend toward angular features).

Anime characters have round faces

If you’ve ever watched anime, then you know that the majority of the characters have round faces and small noses. The same goes for their eyes and mouths. Curly hair doesn’t really go with these features because it would make them look even more rounded than they already do.

If you want to get technical about it, curly hair is also harder to draw because it has more volume than straight or wavy hair does. This means there are more lines in each strand of hair–and since each line takes longer to draw than just one straight line, more time is spent on every drawing session if your character has curly locks!

Anime characters wear a lot of makeup.

Anime characters wear a lot of makeup. They have eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow; lipstick; blush; foundation; and even eye shadow. While this may seem like an odd choice for people who are supposed to be living in the future, it actually makes sense when you consider how important beauty standards are in Japan.

That said, there is one thing that anime characters do not do: they don’t wear any kind of hairstyle that would require them to spend extra time styling their hair each morning or evening–and curly hair definitely falls into this category!

We don’t know why they don’t have curly hair, but we’re still glad it’s not real.

In real life, curly hair is beautiful and natural. It can be hard to manage at times, but no one should feel ashamed of their curls! If you have curly hair yourself or know someone who does, then the next time someone asks why anime characters don’t have them (like this article), you can tell them that although it would probably look really cool if they did have curly locks like yours or theirs–it would also be very difficult for them to get through doors and windows without having some kind of accident involving getting stuck somewhere.

So instead of trying to make a change that might cause more problems than it solves (and may even result in injury!), let’s just focus on appreciating what we already have: straight-haired anime characters who aren’t afraid enough about their appearance/style choices that they needlessly change themselves into something else entirely just because everyone else seems comfortable doing so!

We hope you enjoyed this article, and that it gave you some insight into the world of anime.

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